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Gasoline is refined petroleum used as fuel for internal combustion engines that is obtained from crude oil found deep within the surface of the earth. Edwin L. Drake was the first person to strike an oil well near Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1859. Following the development of the four-stroke combustion engine in 1876, gasoline became imperative to the automobile industry.

Nearly all gasoline is used to fuel automotive vehicles today. Gasoline, like ethanol and diesel, is derived from distilling and refining petroleum. Oil refineries first distill the petroleum by using high temperatures to separate the moleculesin crude oil. This process doesn’t create gasoline but simply removes it from other compounds. Following distillation, the petroleum is then refined by using a catalyst, high heat, and pressure to chemically alter the petroleum. Refinery production takes place in the Gulf Coast which includes Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico, where consumption is lower.

However, consumption is heavy on the East Coast, including the Southeast and Florida, where refinery production is low. Fueling stations tend to sell several grades of gasoline: regular, mid-grade, and premium. These grades are all gasoline but vary in octave rating which makes them different. Of the three, regular is the cheapest andis used the most in vehicles.

Darden Petroleum offer all grades of Gasoline, including regular (87 octane), mid-grade (89 octane), and premium (93 octane). We are also pleased to offer blended ethanol (E10 unleaded) and unblended gasoline. When it comes to Gasoline, we always work to be sure your shipments are compliant with local rules and regulations.