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Diesel fuel is a thick, oily fuel that is obtained from the distillation of petroleum used as fuel for diesel engines. Diesel is harvested from crude oils found deep within the surface of the earth then transported to a refinery where it is then separated, converted, and purified.

Although diesel and gasoline are both made from crude oils, the two are different being that it is denser and oiler accompanied by a different scent than gasoline. Another difference between diesel and gasoline is that in a gasoline engine the fuel is ignited by a spark plug and in a diesel engine the fuel is ignited by compressed air. Other than that, both engines function in the same way.

Although the products function the same, diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline fuel being that the federal excise tax is 6 cents higher. Given the condition of the environment, alternatives, such as biodiesel, have been created to alleviate the presence of toxic air pollutants. Biodiesel is a renewable biodegradable fuel that is produced from natural oils and fats.

Even though, biodiesel is safer, it is not used more than diesel fuel. In plain, the worldwide demand for diesel fuel is increasing at a steady pace.

Darden Petroleum offer all grades of Diesel Fuel, including standard diesel fuel (Diesel #1 and Diesel #2) and winterized blends. Additionally, we provide heating oil, as well as clear or dyed diesel.